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Pictures of Mulch
What Mulch is the Best to Use for Your Landscape?

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Cypress Mulch
Cypress Mulch
is an organic product known for its durability and resistance to fungus and insects. By retaining moisture, Cypress Mulch is the perfect decorative, natural ground cover for all your bedding areas.

Natural Brown Hardwood
Natural Brown Hardwood Mulch is a premium double hammered, all-natural hardwood bark provides a rich dark brown color groundcover. 

You will find that this Hardwood Mulch will always have a fine shredded consistency. The shredded material allows for excellent compaction, ideal for slopes or other areas where drainage or erosion may be a problem. 




  Chocolate Brown
Red and Chocolate Brown Hardwood Mulch uses the same aging process as the Brown Hardwood Mulch, but is color enhanced.  Unlike many color enhanced softwood mulches that lose their color quickly, hardwood mulch retains its dark rich color.  Please see information below on color loss on these mulches.


To calculate the quantity of mulch needed for a project, measure the size of the area in feet.  Take this amount and divide by 100 to gain the number of yards you need to cover that area, 3 inches deep. 

For example, an area 10' by 20' would be 200 square feet in size.  (200/100 = 2).  In this case, as with all our products, you would need 2 yards, which would cover 3 inches deep.



All wood-based mulches fade and breakdown. The colorants tend to "set" once the mulch is spread-out and dry.  This happens after installation in YOUR yard. Please note that dyed mulch SOMETIMES need 72 hours to cure, with no rain, after you install. Up until that point, colorants can rub-off on hands, clothes and pavement. It's usually recommended that you work with freshly dyed mulches on a dry day, when no rain is forecasted. Should it rain before it has cured, you may lose some of the color.


The colorant product used on our mulch is formulated to be non-toxic to animals and plants.


As with other wood-based mulches, you should fertilize the plants in your shrub bed with a nitrogen fertilizer before applying your mulch. This will counteract nitrogen depletion in the soil, which occurs when wood mulches breakdown. Some will fade faster than others depending on the nature of the wood in the mulch and the amount of rain and sunlight that the mulch receives.


A Special THANK YOU to MoreMulch.com for their help in providing this information to you.


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